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Application for Membership

Application Process

The Board of directors of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association has authorized its Branch Organizations to recruit companies with the same profession scope to join China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association. The Application process is as follows:


Process 1

Enterprise willing to join CMTBA should submit application to a related Branch organization according to the category of its leading product. Application for membership admission needs: 1. fill in “Application Form for CMTBA Membership” (the Application Form can be downloaded online); 2) Copies of Business License of Enterprise Legal Person and of Organization Code Certificate. “Registration Form for CMTBA Membership” should be filled after reviewing and approving by the Branch of Board of Directors. A membership certificate will be issued after the said Branch has reported to the Organization Liaison Dept. of CMTBA for reference.


Process 2

If the enterprise applying for membership doesn't know which Branch is the proper one to join, it can e-mail or fax the Membership Application Form to the Organization Liaison Dept. of CMTBA. The Organization Liaison Dept. will recommend the applicant to the proper Branch and implement the admission formalities according to stipulations under the “admission process” of the said Branch.

After companies and units in the industry have joined a Branch and become its "statistical members", and like to attend activities of other Branches according to their work demand. The activity-holding Branch can absorb them as “non-statistical members” and inform them to participate in its activities.


Membership Application Consultant

Tel010-63345693   Fax010-63345698


Download Application Form :

    Application Form for CMTBA's Membership.doc  (Preliminary Examination)

    Application Form for Overseas Invested Enterprises.doc  (Including Hongkong,Macao and Taiwan) to join CMTBA

Standard and Pay-Method of CMTBA Membership Dues

Adopted at the 7th General Assembly on July 26, 2013


1.     It’s an obligation for members pay their admission fees and membership dues in accordance with the provisions.

2.     Newly approved member shall pay RMB1000 Yuan as one-time admission fees.

3.     Standard of Membership Dues: RMB1000 Yuan for ordinary member per year; RMB2000 Yuan for member of board of directors per year; RMB3000 Yuan for member of standing board of directors per year; RMB4000 Yuan for member of vice chairman unit per year;  RMB5000 Yuan for member of chairman unit per year. RMB5000 Yuan for both Foreign owned enterprises and foreign holding joint ventures per year.

4.     Direct members of CMTBA shall submit annual membership dues in the first half of the year. Each branch can, according to its standard and pay-method as well as actual situation, formulate concrete charging measures to carry out after report to CMTBA for record.

5.     Admission fee and membership dues collected by each Branch shall be submitted to CMTBA. After examination and approval by CMTBA, it’ll appropriate the said fee and dues back to the Branch again.

6.     It will be punished according to the relevant national regulations and regulations of CMTBA if membership due is not paid on time.

7.     This method has become effective after the adoption at7th General Assembly.


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