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CMTBA Held Press Conference at IMTS2018


September 12, 2018, local time, CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association) held press conference at IMTS2018 in Chicago (International Manufacturing Technology Show), Mao Yufeng, president of CMTBA, Wang Liming, general secretary of CMTBA, and He Cailong, president of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, attended the conference. Over 60 people were invited to the conference. They were media representatives from various nations and regions, representatives of associations and organizations from Germany, Swiss, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and China Taiwan, and exhibitor representatives.

Conference presided over by Wang Liming. News released by Mao Yufeng.

Mao Yufeng releasing the news                          Wang Liming presiding over the conference

Mao Yufeng mainly introduced three topics: China’s machine tool & tool consumer market situation, China’s machine tool & tool industrial operation and preparations of CIMT2019 & CCMT2020. He said, in recent years, China machine tool & tool consumer market has been showing a restorative growth trend, influenced by the rebound of Chinese economy and the pull of new momentum. Thanks to this influence, China’s machine tool & tool industrial operation and the import of related commodities are sharing the same obvious trend. In general, the industry and its consumer market have gradually transformed from the operating characteristic of “overall demand slide and structure rapidly upgrade” before 2015, to “overall demand stabilize and structure rapidly upgrade”. The said characteristic will continue for a period of time.

Seeing from the y-o-y increase of quarterly GDP, the one of 2017 showed a process of “high at the beginning, low at the end” in each quarter. It was related to the implementation of policies of financial risk control, deleveraging and economic structural adjustment. Influenced by the drop of investment growth in the second half of 2017, the GDP growth in the first half of 2018 showed a slight downturn. Based on comprehensive analysis, it is expected China’s GDP growth in the second half will stabilize, which would promote demand growth in China machine tool & tool consumer market.

About the latest change in China machine tool & tool consumer market, Mao Yufeng said, according to calculation of the updated data in June, 2018 will be at a low point in demand quantity of metal cutting machine tool, but with the advent of the renewal period of machine tools in service and new momentum, the demand quantity index would show a steady upward trend after 2019. Metal forming machine tools showed steady increase, its expenditure will become more remarkable with the lift of value of machine tool. For attendees’ reference, Mao Yufeng also analyzed and judged the investment trend in user fields, the trend change of the future domestic consumption of machine tool & tool and hotspot direction.

According to the calculation of relevant data by the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of metal working machine tool is USD 13.5 billion in the first half of 2018 in China, increasing 11.5% over last year. Among them, metal cutting machine tool is around USD 7.5 billion, a y-o-y up 13.6%, while metal forming machine tool is USD 6 billion, a y-o-y growing of 8.9%. From the above data, China’s machine tool & tool consumer market showed an obvious increase in the first half of 2018.

For the forecast of future development of the industry, Mao Yufeng said, considering the comprehensive influence of the industry operation, import & export, change of RMB exchange rate, etc.., 2018 would witness a restorative growth in China’s machine tool & tool consumer market. Among them, the output of machine tool & tool will retain the state of slight growth. The structural upgrade in the industry will become more significant. The import of machine tool & tool will show an apparent growth trend.

The preparatory work of CIMT2019 (The 16th China International Machine Tool Show) and CCMT2020 (The 11th China CNC Machine Tool Fair) hosted by CMTBA were reported in the conference. Under the impact of upgrade in consumption and demand on China machine tool & tool market, the two sister exhibitions of machine tool & tool industry are growing more influential. The two shows have become renowned branded ones in China’s and even in the world’s machine tool & tool industry in terms of exhibition effective, scale, degree of professionalism, internationalism, and attraction. CIMT2019 will be held on April 15-20, 2019 at China International Expo Center (New Venue) Beijing. It is expected the total area of the exhibition will reach 140 thousand square meters. The theme of the exhibition is set as “Win the Smart Future Together”. CMTBA will continue to uphold the concept of holding exhibition as a platform for economic and trade exchange in the field of machine tool & tool at home and abroad, to provide optimized service to every exhibitor and visitor. CCMT2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 7-11, 2020 will be more internationalized and enjoy rising global impact and will become another showcase for Chinese machine tool & tool industry

After the press conference, leaders answered questions from reporters


IMTS2018, opened on September 10, 2018, ushered in many global industrial delegates. The Theme is “Where, Dreamers & Doers, Connect”. It is held in McCormick Place in Chicago. The statistics of the organizer shows over 2500 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions participated in IMTS2018. 110,000 visitors from 117 countries and regions came to have a look. According to the introduction of the organizer, both the scale of the exhibition and number of exhibitors have broken the record. For visitors’ convenience, the organizer divides exhibits into 10 exhibition areas by category, which is Metal Cutting Machine Tool, Cutting Tool, Jig & Fixture, CNC System & Device, CAD & CAM, EDM, Laser Technology, Addictive Manufacturing (3D printing), Gear Machining Technology, Functional Parts, Environmental protection and Quality Inspection Equipment.

It is known, there are over 120 Chinese exhibitors participating in IMTS. Beijing Jingdiao Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co., Ltd, take up comparatively large exhibition space


Full Text of Press Conference.


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